The book about self-love, emotional intelligence, relationships, and living the life you want to live.



When you're ready to begin peeling away the layers to your deepest, truest, most authentic self and be freer than ever before.


Cultivate the most important relationship you will ever have. 

The one you have with yourself. 

Because your relationship with others, and with Life, is only as good as, and as rich, as the one you have with yourself. 

It all begins with you. 



Get crystal clear on who you are and why you’re here. 

Like an archaeologist picking away the rubble to find the hidden gem, start to sift through the confusion and the noise of the world around you, the voices and expectations of others, and all the social conditioning to which you’ve been exposed...

And unearth the truth that’s been buried just beneath the surface all along. 



The world around you is a reflection of the world within you.  

If you don’t deeply understand, embrace and love yourself, all of you, no amount of love from anywhere or anyone else will ever be enough. Because you will only ever be able to receive what you believe you are worth.  

Your relationship with the world, and with this one-and-only life you have been given, is a mirror of your relationship with yourself.  

Make it a good one.  



How much would you trust someone who consistently failed to show up for you when you needed them most? 

How much would you trust someone who made promises to you and then regularly proceeded to break them? 

How much would you trust someone who neglected you, abandoned you, or at times even injured you with their words and actions? 

Would you keep taking it? Or would you eventually walk away?  

What if the person doing that to you was YOU? 

Unlike a dysfunctional relationship with someone else, you can't walk away from yourself. can try. But, wherever you go there you are.  

And this is where most people find themselves at some point in their lives.  

A little (or a lot) lost, confused, lonely, empty-feeling, uninspired, wondering about the point of it all. 

This is actually a very powerful moment. 

There’s no escaping yourself. So why not stop, turn around, and meet yourself? 

Start here. 


"The book is amazing! It gives you hope. Something inside me has shifted. My attitude is better.""

J. O'Hara

"I love this book! I refer to it almost everyday. It has become such a resource for me."

Darlene Peters
PhD, Wife, Grandmother

"Amazing. This book is, hands down, one of the best I've read. It really surprised me. Definitely in my top 5. "

Joe Sawyer
Fire Fighter

"This book is the best life handbook you will ever read. I keep it on my nightstand because I refer to it over and over again. "

D. Burroughs

"This is a wonderful book for anyone interested in living a fulfilling life. I highly recommend it—it's easy to understand and great for anyone ready to get to the core of it all."

Michael W.

"There have been only a handful of books that have truly influenced my life on a deep level. Erica's book has recently been added to that list. She manages to inspire more than a few 'aha moments' and has left me with a deeper understanding of why I think the way I do and why I feel the way I feel. "

Kristen Manieri
Writer, Wife, Mother

"Showing Up Naked is a must read, please, for anyone who is questioning "the meaning of life". I have read many self help books in the past, all good in their own way, however, this stands apart, quite simply because the author is brilliantly honest, and from the first page I wanted to know more. I felt that a really good and "best friend" was talking to me from the pages, with humility, insight, and truth. Quite unique. This book is definitely a "keeper". "

Bev K.

"I love this book! Erica shared in a courageous, thoughtful and enlightening way practical and effective practices for living your more authentic self. She is a brave pioneer in integrating the more eastern worlds of yoga and meditation, with depth of genuine empathic engagement in life. The book is full of practical gems, awesome quotes and thoughtful exercises. I love the size and workbook feel of it - and regularly recommend it to others to improve their life."

Dr. Michael DeMaria
PhD, Musician, Author

"I've spent years binging on yoga, self-help and inspirational books-this one is hands down one of my favorites. During my weeks of reading it I found myself referencing it and suggesting it to clients and friends. I'd absolutely recommend it for anyone seeking inspiration and truth."

Kristen Schneider
Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yogi, Author

"Amazing book... I refer to it every day! Each time I reread a section, I come out with fresh insight on how to be fully present in my daily life. EVERYONE can benefit from this book. It has literally changed my life and my perspective! Thank you, Erica Boucher!"

Laura Croson
Artist, Herbalist, Business Owner,

"Amazing book, so well written. Read it and then read it again."


"I had a wake up call after reading this book! It must have been written just for me, because it touched on many nerves and lies I tell myself. No more hiding and "denialing"! With Erica's book I have the encouragement and support I need to push thru my garbage to get to my true self. "


"I did not know what to expect from this book, but I have been surprised and pleased at how honest and effective her writing is. I have been reading these types of books for many years and Erica puts a fresh spin on sharing universal truths in a compelling and personal fashion. A highly recommended way to introduce yourself to some enlightened thoughts..."

Harley B.

"This book was life-changing for me! I had just left a career that had left me stressed out, disconnected, and very unhappy. When I met Erica and read this book I learned how to reconnect with myself, and most importantly, love myself. I have a deep sense of inner peace now that I have never known before. Give yourself the gift of you and read this book!"

Esther Motley

"This book will change your life! Erica Boucher has a way with words and, easily strips complex issues down to bare naked Truths. I'll read it more than once, for sure!"


"Finally a book that works! No matter what is going on in my life, I refer back to this book and, somehow, it knows just how to meet me where I am and help me through it in an enlightened way. "

Brian Peters

"I’ve just started listening to your book and it resonates so much already. Even though I haven’t fully gotten through it yet, it's already touched me deeply and I can tell it will help heal some deep wounds within me. "

Kevin M.


In this guided journey, we'll explore three key areas:

1. YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF. This is where the journey begins.

2. YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR OWN MIND & EMOTIONS. Understand what's driving you.

3. YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH EVERYTHING ELSE. How you relate to others, and with Life itself, is a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself. It all begins with you.

The journey of a lifetime is the one you take within. 



Let Erica take you on a guided journey of self-discovery, and find out why Showing Up Naked is being called "The best life workbook you will ever read."


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