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Episode #25

It’s so easy to get stuck in our heads—especially if you have any relationship to social media or the news. Every story, every headline, every post seems designed to inspire outrage.

How many times in a day do you feel yourself getting hooked by an outrageous headline?

The Wall Street Journal did a story on this recently, titled Ameria is Addicted to Outrage. Is There a Cure?

It’s not that there isn’t really upsetting stuff happening out there that we need to be aware of, but there’s an energetic undertow that many, including myself, are feeling and if we’re not careful and conscious…

we can get swept away by fear, anger, and divisiveness.

THAT is no way to live.

And, it’s not very effective.

In yoga, I’m always reminding myself and my students that balance is essential. When we lean too much to one extreme, we lose our center, and eventually, WE FALL.

Nature therapy is a great way to disconnect, and by doing so find a much deeper connection, with ourselves, with life, and with each other. Spending time in nature, going where the WI-FI is weak or non-existent. In today’s world, it’s a NECESSITY, and one of the ways we can keep ourselves healthy and happy.

This is why in the latest episode of the All Ways Evolving Podcast I interviewed Sky Maria Buitenhuis on FOREST BATHING, a/k/a NATURE THERAPY.

Listen in on as she shares her passion to offer people the experience of “returning home” to a sense of belonging to the infinitely diverse web of life that is our beautiful planet Earth.

I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did.

Sky Maria Buitenhuis is the co-founder of GIFT (Global Institute of Forest Therapy) and is currently the not-for-profit director of training, as well as the co-founder of the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy. She has trained and personally mentored more than 100 people to follow their passions of becoming forest therapy guides. If you happen to be in Ireland, or plan on making a visit soon, you may also want to check out her school for Irish locals, EarthDreaming, which offers a broader experience of nature connection modalities:


Erica Boucher, host of the ALL WAYS EVOLVING Podcast, is an Author, Yogi, and Group Travel Specialist. As the owner of International Yoga Travel, she hosts yoga retreats and travel around the world. Learn more about her upcoming trips here. 

*Intro music taken with permission by the artist from the song track, Journeying, on the album The River by Michael Brant DeMaria. Couresty of Ontosmusic/michaelbrantdemaria. 


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