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Answering the Call

These are interesting times. We are all watching the collective shadow of humanity as it continues to emerge, bubbling to the surface after being suppressed and hidden from obvious view for hundreds if not thousands of years.


The work we are each being called to do, now, is on an individual level. It’s about each and every one of us, independently and individually, doing our deep inner work. It’s not about looking outside of ourselves for a group to belong to that believes as we do. It’s not about looking outside of ourselves for what to think, and how to perceive what we are seeing.


It’s about letting the fear, a lifetime of suppressed emotions, and whatever stories we’ve adopted and wrapped around our lives be acknowledged and set free.


It is only by freeing ourselves, acknowledging our own shadow-self, and realigning with the truth of who we are (beings of love and connection) that we can heal on a collective level.


The transformation of the Collective requires us to each do our own inner work. It’s all too easy to focus externally, to point fingers and blame.


While there may be some truth to some dangerous choices that are being made by some very unconscious people, our job is to look at our own blind spots… to bring our own unconscious motives into our conscious awareness.


If we align with Love and Truth, and we stay in alignment with that, we will attract and speak to that in others… we will start to feel the recognition in that…And if enough of us come together and shine our light, brightly, we will reach a tipping point.


If you turn on the light, the darkness dissipates. We don’t point to the darkness, shout at the darkness, and blame the darkness.


We simply turn on the light.


Let us not forget who we are. We are the light. We are love. It is at the very core of our being. It’s how we came into this world. It’s how every innocent baby comes into this world.


Connected. Loving and loved. Innocent.


This is the truth of who we are. Let us not forget this. Let us stand, powerfully and effectively, in truth and love and in connection. If we want to see things transform outside of ourselves, we must go within.


Now is the time. More than ever… when the temptation is to do anything BUT go within and feel the fear and anger and pain the Collective is sitting in right now.


But this is how we cultivate compassion.


It takes courage to go there. We can do so from a place of love, recognizing the most loving thing we can do for all of humanity right now is to remember and realign with the truth of who we are. And then reflect that truth out into the world.


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