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How to Travel The World For Free


Recently I booked several different one-way tickets which will, essentially, take me around the world this summer.


If all goes well (and Life doesn’t decide it has other plans for me), I’ll fly to San Francisco for a few days in early May to meet up with a friend in Napa Valley. There I will be researching and planning a Yoga, Biking & Vineyard Tour (probably for some time in 2025).


Then, I’ll head to Bali, where I’ll escort two back-to-back small groups (including a private Komodo Islands cruise tucked in between).


After my second group departs from Bali, I’ll stick around for about 10 days and enjoy some “Erica-time” before hopping on another plane headed to Uganda where I’ll meet up with a couple of friends. There, we’ll embark upon a 12-day safari to include a gorilla trek (a bucket list item for me) as well as a chimpanzee trek.


Like the Napa visit, I’m calling this Uganda adventure a “Research & Development” trip, as I explore the possibility of escorting a group there in the future. If this is something that interests you, be sure to let me know.


From Uganda, I’ll head to Istanbul for four days (just for fun and just for me), and, then, on to Budapest where I’ll meet up with my Danube River Cruise group. Our cruise will take us from Hungary through Slovakia, Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic and, ultimately, (for many of us) will conclude with a post-cruise extension in Prague.


From Prague, I’ll finally return home after almost three full months of exploring.


But do you want to know what may be the most amazing part of all of that?


I paid for ALL of my flights using points. 


People ask me all the time how I afford to travel so much and I always mention our travel rewards credit card because it has been a complete and total game changer for us.


I wrote all about it in The #1 Travel Hack You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner. If you haven’t already checked this out (and travel is something you’d like to do more of), you owe it to yourself to give it a quick read.


Okay, there’s a whole lotta goodness here which I hope you’ll take advantage of, including the opportunity to join me on any of my other upcoming trips), which you can learn all about here.


In the meantime, check out my special podcast episode, The Essentials of Mindful & Meaningful Travel, where I'm the one being interviewed by fellow podcasters and travelers, Jon & Karen Sumple. It was so much fun sharing some of my travel stories and the attitude and approach it takes to travel the world with grace and ease.


Then head on over here and check out some of my upcoming trips!

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