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The Three False Beliefs That Make Us Suffer

When did our suffering really begin?

The moment we forgot who we are.

We came into this world naked, innocent…a bundle of Pure Love, Pure Light, Pure Truth.

We are Spirit, now housed in a body as we began our human journey.

For a while, we know we are this Pure Love, Pure Light, Pure Truth…

It is easy to remember and feel our connection to all that is.

We haven’t forgotten yet.

The other humans around us can see it in us…this pure innocence.

And it is so beautiful—this light that shines from within us…

And tugs at something so deeply familiar in them that they can barely take their eyes off of us.

Then, the social conditioning begins…

In an effort to help us better fit into society and navigate the human journey, our very open hearts and minds are bombarded with incoming messages from the world around us.

Parents, teachers, neighbors, religious leaders, political leaders—with all of their conflicting messages…

Start to define and map out our world for us.

And our impressionable young human brains take it all in, like downloading an operating system onto a computer.

Once that construct is in place, we filter everything through that lens—a lens that was formed and created for us, and not by us.

As soon as this happens, we enter into the realm of human suffering…

for we forget who we are.

We forget that we are all connected, Pure Love, Pure Truth, Pure Spirit…

And the belief that we are separate is born.

Now we start to perceive reality through the lens of us versus them, right versus wrong, good versus bad…instead of the simple understanding that everything we do is either bringing us closer to the Truth of who we are…

Or it’s bringing us further away from it.

As soon as our own minds fall into step with all of the judgment, division and separation we see modeled by the world around us…

We start to feel alone, isolated, and afraid…disconnected from the truth from who we are.

Disconnected from each other.

And we start to suffer.

We are taught what to think, rather than how to think, and we start to feel lost.

We forget that the answers are within us, because we are Pure Spirit, Pure Truth—housed in a human body for a time.

The thought-system—the construct—with which we have been embedded blocks our awareness of it and creates confusion.

Disconnected from our own Truth, we start to look for answers outside of ourselves.

And our suffering continues.

We know something is off…we know life isn’t supposed to be so hard.

Feeling so lost but not even sure what we’re looking for, we start to believe there must be something wrong with us.

These are the 3 biggest false beliefs that cause us to suffer:

  1. I’m all alone in this world.
  2. There is something wrong with me. Or, I am not enough.
  3. I must look outside of myself for answers, validation, and love. 

This is why anxiety, depression, addiction, obesity and even suicide are at an all-time high.

This is the human condition…

Forgetting who we are until one day we have ENOUGH.

When we have suffered enough, when we have struggled enough, when we have floundered enough that we finally surrender, fall to our knees and admit—whatever it is I am doing, it’s not working.

In that moment of surrender, there is a crack in the facade…a fissure created in the construct with which we’ve been indoctrinated.

The story gives way and we start to remember

The Truth of who we are starts to shine through like the SUN from behind the clouds.

And we start to remember who we are…

We start to feel our connection again to all that is.

We remember that we have immediate access to Truth, simply by going within and practicing deep listening…

Because we ARE that Truth.

We are Pure Love, Pure Light, Pure Truth.

This is the moment of our spiritual awakening.

When we turn on the light and see what was there all along, but we couldn’t see it because we were lost in the dark.

Gone is the belief that we are all alone, that there is something wrong with us, and that we must look outside of ourselves for Truth and Love.

Start cultivating the most important relationship you will ever have…


Because your relationship with others, and with Life, is only as real as, and as deep as, the one you have with yourself.

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And the result is nothing short of liberating.

Life is a gift. And nothing is guaranteed. 

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