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The Challenge Before Us

I’m admittedly challenged by this right now. I think if we’re being honest with ourselves, we all are.


I know that in my personal life, it is forgiveness that returns me to love and connection, inner peace and harmony. It’s the doorway back when I’ve gotten lost and forgotten the truth of who I am.


A Course in Miracles teaches that forgiveness is the correction of an error… an error in our perception. It is the mistaken belief that we are separate from each other. It’s the buying into the “Us versus Them” mentality. It’s the judgment and anything else that divides and isolates us.


Whereas previously many of us were working with and practicing forgiveness in our personal lives, perhaps now we are being challenged to forgive on a macro level.


We can never experience true joy, lasting peace, or the fullest potential of our love as long as there is a part of ourselves that has been fragmented…cut off from the rest.


Divided, we are weakened. We are cut off from Source.




A spiritual teacher says that if you go deep enough in your own inner mind there’s a place where all minds are joined. Because ultimately, there’s only one of us here. When we judge and disassociate ourselves from mass groups of people, the loss is devastating.




Together, united, we are an unstoppable force. When we move together, in unison, we cannot be denied or ignored.


Divided, we are segmented… Broken… Isolated and disempowered.


Perhaps now the opportunity is to not only practice forgiveness but hone a laser beam clarity that sees right through any attempts to pit us against each other. Be it by the media outlets, our political leaders, religious leaders, or any other faction that stands to gain by creating confusion and fear within us.


We can refuse to tolerate, support, or ignore language that divides us. We are not black versus white. We are not Republicans versus Democrats. We are not Conservatives versus Liberals. We are not Christians versus any other religious group. We are not Americans versus any other country or part of the world.




So how, then, do we stand in truth, in love and connection, while still “speaking truth to bullshit,” as author Brene Brown puts it. How do we stand up for what is right, or take a knee for that matter, and still respect each other?


Maybe it’s time for us all to start practicing listening, and seeing, on a much deeper level. Let us listen beyond what we are being told. Let us see through the attempts to manipulate and control us. Let us remember that we are all brothers and sisters, united in our humanity — not in our religious beliefs, not in our political beliefs, not in our geographical locations. Nor would we want to be.


It is our diversity that makes this whole human experience so fascinating. Otherwise, we’d all be…robots.


It’s time for us to stop allowing ourselves to be played. If we’re going to disagree, let’s disagree, respectfully, about an ideology, not about the value of other human beings based on whether they see the world the same way that we do.


As long as we are kept polarized, we have lost our power, our center, and the core truth of who we are.


Together, united in love and truth, we are unstoppable.


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