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What Are You Afraid Of?

Recently I put out a prayer request for my Uncle George, who was dying, to have a smooth and beautiful transition from this world—especially in light of the fact that, due to this Coronavirus situation, his siblings and other family members are unable to get there to be with him.


But then a little while later I thought about it again and realized that, in truth, he isn’t the one who needs our prayers, because he is simply returning home.


We all come into this world as Pure Love, Pure Truth, Pure Spirit…and must learn to exist within the confines of these limiting physical bodies…


He is simply shedding his body, no longer confined by this bag of skin we are in.


The real prayer is for those who are left behind…


That we remember and realize our connection to him—to all of those who have moved on and transcended this world—is not lost. It has simply changed form.


Now, our access is no longer limited to their physical form.


Now, we can communicate with and feel their presence all the time.


The prayer is for those of us that remain behind…to not let our Egos convince us that we no longer have access to them simply because we cannot physically see or touch them.


This requires us to tap into and feel things beyond the mere physical level. Which is really all the word “metaphysical” means. “Meta” = beyond”.


There is a lot of fear floating around and being peddled right now. And It is said that if you scratch the surface and dig deep enough—at the root of all fear, is ultimately the fear of death.


But what if we started to see death as a return to our natural state, beyond the confines of our physical bodies? A boundless, energetic being of cosmic consciousness, at one with all that is?


Would it make it a little easier to trust life? To honor the passing of those we love?


And would it make it easier for us to honor the gift of life, in all of its awkwardness at times?

It was all meant to be temporary anyway.



A friend of mine jokingly says during difficult times “Don’t worry, it’ll all be over soon.”

And every time it makes me chuckle. Because I realize I sometimes get so caught up in this human drama, I forget this simple truth.


Somehow, that simple statement always seems to bring me back to a state of gratitude.


Thank you, Uncle George, for reminding me that all of life is beautiful, even the toughest of times.


Even death.


And that, ultimately, there is nothing to fear.

Life is a gift. And nothing is guaranteed. 

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